Female Friends

Question: I’m so grateful for the amazing women in my life. What creates that powerful connection with my girlfriends, so different than my connection with men?

Sophia: You share each other’s journey. There is a familiarity that says, “Yes, you understand me. You see me. You know what I’m speaking of and you have felt what I have felt.”

There is great comfort from this connection, and as the Divine Feminine comes more and more into balance on the planet, you will find even greater joy in that community of sisters (whether biological or not). We feel your gratitude for these connections. We know how much they sustain you through the work you are here to do.

That ease between you is what gives such joy. It comes without effort, without thought, and with a sense of peace. Let your sisters lift you. Come together as often as you can, with your busy lives. This nurtures you as you nurture the world. It helps you strengthen your resolve to be here fully, doing what brings you joy and what aids your world family.

And it takes nothing away from the men in your life. Allow them the same pleasure.

And so it is…

Dear daughter…sister…mother…mine.

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