Pain from the Past

Question: Sophia, I realized this morning that I really can choose to live my life with true freedom, allowing all the pain from the past to be nothing more than a healed memory. Thank you for this gift.

Sophia: Can you hear and feel that we thank you also? That we are grateful to see you “get it”? Truly, this course you are participating in (“The Keys to the Kingdom” at Unity Church in Austin) is providing so many of you with an opportunity to renew your lives. And this renewal process, as you are now understanding more clearly, takes place on a daily basis.

When you clear out the storage closets of your mind, your psyche, your wounded spirit, you create that vacuum you have been learning about. And yes, the Universe will and does come in to replace that old energy with something newer, lighter, tastier! But it’s not happening outside of you. It’s within. You are creating this new and lighter version of yourself.

As you’ve seen through the written exercises you are doing, there is much stored within you to be forgiven, released and renewed. Remember the list: regret, judgment, guilt, resentment, anger, sorrow, bitterness, frustration. Do those vibrations yet reside within you? Then we can assure you they affect what’s happening around you as well. It is not necessary to dig around in the dirt and to restimulate those feelings to the degree that you experience them again. Simply note (the written word is helpful) what those remnants are and when you are ready, know that they can simply become a healed memory, if you choose. And eventually, they will be forgotten altogether.

You could do any number of things to solidify this process, such as burning the paper they are written on, as an example. Or you can simply allow us to carry their vibration away for you. Our angelic arms know just how to help free you from all burden, once you give permission. We would be delighted to assist you in any way you desire.

The more free you are, the more in the flow you are, the more your life takes on the flavors you enjoy.

Forgive yourself first, dear ones…and the others who are to be forgiven and released will come naturally along.

And so it is…and so you let it be.

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