AA Michael + 5-Day Offer


I’m heading to Chicago on the 19th for part two of Linda Howe’s Akashic Records Teacher Training, and so that means I’ll have to skip “Sunday Service” next week. Therefore, I will work with you for whatever price you can truly afford (at fair exchange please) for the next five days (Wednesday through Sunday, April 14-18).

Choose Reconnective Healing, BodyTalk, the Akashic Records and channeling. Consider the gift of healing for a loved one. Distance or in-person. 


Archangel Michael: Friends, we are here to offer you support in times both good and bad. For us, there is no relationship to how you view what is happening in the world, and our desire to be of service to you. If you think things are good, they are. If you think they are dismal, they are. Regardless, all you need do is ask and we will support you to the degree you are ready to receive.

We are not immune to your struggles. We wish you could see the entire picture as we do, and that you would know you are ceaselessly connected to a greater Truth. Until that time, call upon us in times good and bad and know we are there, even if eyes do not see, ears do not hear, and hearts do not feel. We ask nothing in return.

Use your abilities and your Light to free others, but use them first and foremost to free yourselves. If you are to do those things you agreed to before you entered into this body, then you must continue the path of awakening to your limitless Soul. We understand that you will stumble now and again, and it is not perfection which is required of you, but you do yourselves a grave disservice when you allow circumstances to cloud your memory so much that you completely forget the truth of who you are, and tumble blindly down the path your disturbed ego leads.

Come back to YOU. Spend the little time it takes to go within to see what we see, and find your Peace.

You know me as the Angel whose sword cuts through all darkness, offering illumination and healing in its place. If you will ask, I will come. Lay down your burdens and walk carefree beside me as we fulfill the Will of our Creator.

And so it is, dear friends…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.


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