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We’re about to enter into the Labor Day weekend and here in Austin it’s nuthin’ but hot, hot, hot. Nevertheless, I hope that you and yours have a fabulous long and restful weekend, filled with laughter and good times. That’s sure my plan!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because I took at part-time job in my former career of Human Resources, and I’m learning daily how to balance everything, which means less time on the computer since much of my workday is spent in front of one. My Akashic and healing practice remain a focus as well, so if you’re ready for a reading or Reconnective Healing or BodyTalk session, you can set up an appointment in the next month and name your price! This offer is good through the end of Labor Day and then it’s back to my regular sliding scale. Contact me to schedule your appointment, make payment in advance through my site, and the session is yours. Consider it a thank you for all your years of support.

Linda Howe in Austin!

Yes, indeed! Linda Howe is returning to what will hopefully, by then, be a cool and lovely Fall weekend, October 28-30. Because of her book touring schedule over the next year, this will be the last of Linda’s live classes for quite some time.

The class will take place at a beautiful venue in Southwest Austin, the New Earth Center, from Friday 7-10 pm, Saturday 10 am-5 pm and Sunday 10 am-5 pm, with attendance required on all three days.

Discover your wounds as Sacred Opportunity to know your Innermost Self. Be among the first students to learn Linda Howe’s latest work, “Healing Through the Akashic Records: Using the Power of Your Sacred Wounds to Discover Your Soul’s Perfection.” Linda will begin this class by strengthening your practice reading your own Records. Then the Healing work begins!

Explore your sacred wounds as a Point of Power in Your Relationship with Yourself. Heal timeless patterns of self-abandonment. Learn Unconditional Self-Love as a spiritual practice. Find the Path of Peace in Your Relationship with Others. Journey from Resentment to Forgiveness. Explore Benefit of the Doubt as a spiritual practice. Experience Freedom from Limiting Patterns: From Enslavement to Empowerment. Dedicate yourself to liberation from outdated patterns, ideas and perceptions. Commit to the freedom to be your most authentic self, living a consciously soul-led life. Move beyond your fears and limitations into an inner realm of peace, power and joy. Make graceful, elegant changes – the changes you deeply desire – with a supportive group of fellow travelers.

Prerequisite: Read the book and/or listen to the six-CD audio set entitled “Healing Through the Akashic Records” by Linda Howe and be reasonably comfortable using the Pathway Prayer Process.

Please contact me directly for questions or go to: .

Cost: Now $360 for the entire weekend (Special economy-friendly Discount Price)

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

Sliding Scale Sessions

Upcoming Akashic Record Classes
Beginning/Certification: September 16-17, Austin, TX
Beginning/Certification: September 26-28, Austin, TX
Healing Through the Akashic Records: Oct. 28-30, Austin, TX w/ Linda Howe!
Beginning/Certification: November 4-5, San Diego, CA
Ancestral Clearing: November 6, San Diego, CA

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