Bionic Woman

I just completed a distance session for a woman named Hope who is 62 years old and lives in the Valley. The session was purchased by her loving sister-in-law and I knew nothing except Hope’s name, age, and the town she lives in. As you may know, being ignorant of the challenges a person is experiencing helps to create a stronger connection somehow.

While I was in the session, I felt very connected to Hope and enjoyed watching what my hands were doing. It was a somewhat gentle session that had an air of delight, and I really enjoyed myself.

Hope called to tell me that she came out of the session feeling like the Bionic Woman, ready to put on her shoes and head out for an energetic walk. She went on to tell me about the enormous amount of pain she’s been in, how little she slept the night before because of it(waking up every half hour), and how high her stress level has been. Apparently pain has been her normal state.

She said that during the session she prayed to God that she be able to receive the healing that was being offered through her sister-in-law, and included her saints in the prayers as well. She was feeling grateful and loved and while it was difficult for her to lie on her back the whole 45 minutes, she was very focused and engaged in what was happening.

Having suffered from so much pain myself, I was thrilled to learn of her results.

I know what she means by feeling like the Bionic Woman. Reconnective Healing can leave you feeling like you can do ANYthing!

Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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