Who Are You, Sophia?

I AM Sophia, Divine Mother, partner to the Father God (our Creator), and I was there when humanity came to be. You are our children…

I am here because I have some things to share and because I have been given permission from Maria to work with her and through her.

These are critical times on your planet. All around you there are signs of major shifts occurring. Some of them have actually gotten your attention. We wondered what it would take…

With love I say to you that NOW is the time to claim ownership…for the peace you feel within, for the protection of your beautiful Earth, for the way you treat your animals and, for how you are with each other…across the globe.

Many of you are doing great things to turn the direction toward a more enlightened path. Open your eyes to the good news. What you place your attention on expands…

I’m here to help. What is it YOU would like to know?



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