Concern for a Loved One

Question: Sophia, is there anything I can do to help someone I love become more of the divine reflection I know he truly is…in there somewhere? And what can I do differently, to be less affected by his not very self-respecting choices?

Sophia: Ah, dearest, sometimes love asks much of you, does it not? It says, love me no matter what. Unconditionally. That is the greatest thing you can do—keep loving him no matter how he behaves.

As to the impact on yourself, we see you doing this somewhat differently than you have in the past. You can now choose to find some relief, to choose an even slightly higher vibrating emotion to feel better now. It may not change what your loved one does (don’t leave that out of the realm of possibilities though) but you can know that you have made clear what you find to be acceptable behavior within the confines of your relationship, and now you release with love, forgive with love (yourself and him), and go forth and enjoy your day. Allow him to find his own way in this world. Trust that he will.

The momma bird will push the baby out of the nest if he refuses to fly on his own. There is wisdom in that, my child. And that is what you did differently this time. Now all that remains is for you to watch him fly, to see that now in your mind and heart, regardless of what appears in your “reality.”

See how marvelous he is as he spreads his wings? The view is astounding from up there! Know that he will realize and be grateful for the nudge you gave him.


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