Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Werner Herzog directed a film called Cave of Forgotten Dreams, which I watched this past week. Herzog’s movie “takes us on a visually striking journey back in time, 32,000 years to be exact, to view the Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc cave art in the South of France, which was discovered in 1994 and represents perhaps the earliest known visions of mankind.” The documentary had me riveted in my chair, though its pacing wasn’t the reason why.

Sometimes, a movie will affect me for quite a while after I leave the theater, as in this case…not because it’s a brilliant film, which it may be, but because it has left me reflecting on humanity’s evolution through time…on our evolution through lifetimes. The film touched something inside me that’s hard to put into words, akin to my interest in the Akashic Records and the way I feel when I’m shown images during a reading that are clearly from some long forgotten era. It’s humbling, unnerving a bit, and sacred all at once.

Have a look at the trailer and video clips and perhaps you’ll want to seek out a local theater to watch the film yourself. The Record of who we are as humans, in the best sense, is rekindled within the Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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