Checking In: Sophia Wisdom

Question: Sophia, how are we doing, we humans?

Sophia: Growing by leaps and bounds, dear one. Much is underway, and more is yet to come. Each day, we see so many of you lighting up! Not to worry…the tide will not be stemmed. We understand that you look around your planet and it seems as if the job is so BIG–that there is so much to do.

We agree with that assessment, yet we can also tell you that there is nothing to worry about. We see how strong the desire is in you, beloved children, for a balanced world. You are doing much to reflect that within yourselves as individuals. That is, of course, the first step. With so many of you reaching out to each other, helping each other rise to your highest potential, you are creating an energetic link that is affecting the planetary grid. Consciousness is being raised in a way never before seen. Thank the internet (among other things) for that.

Some of you will remember the six phrases (Dr. Pearl in The Reconnection): 1. We are here to tell you to continue doing what you are doing; 2. What you are doing is bringing light and information onto the planet; 3. What you are doing is reconnecting strings; 4. What you are doing is reconnecting strands ; 5. You must know that you are a master; 6. We’ve come because of your reputation.

“Your reputation?”

Yes, dear ones…your reputation.

Reflect upon these six phrases. Listen to the energy imbued therein. Feel the truth of what they claim. And rise to the occasion–the occasion of your true self.

You’re doing splendidly! The evidence is all around you, dear humans, dear reflections of God. And the Angels sing your praises!

Lift up your hearts and do the same!

©Maria K. Benning


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