Depression (AA Raphael)

Question: Sophia, how do I help someone very dear to me who is experiencing depression?

Sophia: We know how much you love these two people you are thinking of, and that, in and of itself, can do much to help. Even if they isolate themselves from you during times of deep depression, continue to actively extend your love to them. It does help.

You often ask your guides to extend their reach to others and as a healer, you are fond of working with the Archangel Raphael. So he is here and wishes to speak as well:

Raphael: Dear One, it touches a place deep within you that remembers how you felt when you were in that same state…that place of feeling as if there is little reason to get out of bed in the morning. Your compassion is engaged, but so is an old wound.

Realize first that you can dance with joy and still be compassionate toward others who are experiencing less than that. In fact, you do more good by being steadfast in your joy! Then do what you feel drawn to do anyhow: pick up the phone, make a visit, spend time with your loved one who is feeling anything but loved, who feels himself completely alone at times. Be generous with your hugs. Be generous of self.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could wave your magic wand over them and all would be well? Why not pretend you have one? It’s simplistic, yes…but give it a try. Sprinkle fairy dust while you’re at it. Perhaps you could purchase a wizard’s hat and place it dramatically upon their heads, reminding them that they have all the power inside them to create a different world than the one they’re experiencing. Or do this in your imagination, from afar, if you choose.

I hear your thoughts scurrying, seeker! I hear your doubts arise. You are each, wizards one and all, gifted with the power to change the reality you see and are experiencing. You take yourselves so seriously and we keep reminding you to be more playful—to realize that this life you have chosen is one big playground, if you will simply get out of that fortress you have built around you and go outside and play!

Depression, and any other denser emotion, is created in your mind. You are up there, rummaging around in the junk, constantly looking for more junk to add to the pile. Take a deep, slow breath. Bring your awareness lower into your body, into your heart space, and breathe from there. Close your eyes for a few moments. Place your outstretched hand on your own chest and breathe, with true consciousness. Take a break, a breather, from the mind. If you cannot of your own free will stop the dark thoughts that bubble up in your brain, simply place your hand over your heart and move your attention to that area which will bring relief—which will quiet your disturbed thinking.

You have, in your human form, a rather large variety of emotions that you can experience. If you know depression intimately, we ask you, what has been its gift? If you cannot see the gift it has brought you and you simply wish to be rid of it, try what we have suggested.

When you place hand over heart and breathe fully, you connect with that part of you that is eternal—with your soul. There, nothing suffers. There, you feel only expansive peace. Your gentle touch and breath can free you from the prison of your mind.

We are with you, dear ones. Speak our names, call our legions to your side, and know that you are always in our warm embrace.


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