Hope in the Midst of Madness

Question: I saw a news program about particularly horrific forms of rape being used as a tool to incite terror in Uganda, where sexual terrorism is deemed to be the worst in the world. I was so disturbed by what I saw and am having a difficult time understanding how we humans can do such things to each other. I’d also like you to discuss what we can do to stop this, and to help those who are suffering so severely.

Sophia: I have been with you, my daughter, since the moment you were watching. I have felt your heart’s pain as you ponder how such a thing is possible for one human to do to another.

These are not simple answers that I have for you. The fact is that these actions are taken freely—it is the will of the group or individuals who are on the attack. So far removed are they, from their own sense of being. They have no idea who they are. If they did, they would of course never, ever contemplate such horrific crimes against humanity. But unfortunately, and this is not exclusive to any one geographical region, mind you—throughout history rape has been used as a weapon of terror. It is quite effective, you see.

As the vibration on the planet changes, as it raises and as other geographical areas come more into balance, the old energies will continue to cling. These opposing forces are holding on for dear life.

What you can do as lightworkers, where you should focus your mental energy, is not on the horror that you see played out for you through your media. It is real, what is being shown, but focus not on the horror. Instead, with all the love that you can muster in your heart, focus on the perpetrators and imagine them surrounded with God’s love. Bring them into a state of forgiveness and understanding and offer up your healing abilities for them. At the same time, you must think about those who have been transgressed against—the women and the children, girls and boys—and when you are able to do what it is that you can do, when you lift up your hands and open your hearts as you think of those far off places (where I know some of you would like to go in order to be with these people)—the truth is that you can do much from right where you are at. Give of your time and your energy, give of your heart.

Ask! Call upon all of the Angels who are here in service to the lightworkers. Call upon us and we will assist. Things can change in a heartbeat, as you know. Predictions have been made of what will come, and predictions have been wrong, time and again. The power of love, the power of the Creator partnered with the lightworker is a miracle, is a sight to behold! Think of the men who go into these remote villages with their knives to terrorize the innocents. Can you find it in your heart to offer them your love, knowing the evil they have perpetrated and may be about to perpetrate? Imagine these defenseless women and children. Imagine what it must be like for their men, who are not armed. Send your love. Send your light. Use this ability you have to heal. We are with you as you offer up a full heart—your forgiveness partnered with the love of God.

Miracles! Miracles await!

If there is more that you, the readers, wish to do, then I humbly suggest that you look upon the ways in which you yourself perpetrate violence. If there is any area in your life which you can heal, then it is incumbent upon you to do so, for the responsibility lies within each of you. Yes lightworkers, you may offer your distance healing work. Yet you must also know that this is the planet of free choice, and with free choice comes great responsibility. The two must work in harmony.

Love and forgiveness, gratitude and cultivating peace of mind—these are the things each individual is responsible for. Strike not out at others; strike not at yourself. Heal the wounds that you carry. Release the past. Feel the presence of God in your life and offer your light as a beacon for those who are lost. Join together with others and do the distance work. It is powerful beyond measure when you do this in unison. You know what we are referring to, child. Remind your readers of this event and ask them to participate.

Pay attention to those who are less fortunate and do whatever you feel called to do to help. But know that the journey begins with the first step…

…and the next is just as important.

And so it is.



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