Spontaneous Increase in Frequencies

I just heard from a client who came to me last year for a healing session and her Reconnection, and has also taken part in my channeling work. Not trained in Reconnective Healing but certainly having the frequencies within her (as everyone does after a session), she has just noticed a profound change.

While our work together was enjoyable and interesting for her, the experiences from months ago had faded from memory and she hadn’t really given them further thought. Recently however, she visited an injured friend and decided to bring her hands over the injury. She immediately felt energy beginning to channel (her words, not mine) and watched as her hands started moving of their own accord. Though she’d felt energy movements before in the form of jerky, unfocused movement, especially when lying on her back, this was different. The energy seemed to shift slowly toward more subtle, purposeful motion.

What has most intrigued her is that though she’s been able to “hear” energy for decades, she is now hearing different frequencies and more complex layers of sound, and is clearly channeling healing energy. To experience this so many months after her sessions has taken her quite by surprise!

This is Reconnective Healing—it’s evolutionary in nature and never stagnant. The more we work with it, the more it seems to evolve in us. Every session is unique, as is each individual we work with. And if we simply allow it to move through us in whatever way it wishes, then healing is engaged. Try to force it, try to have it do this or that, and it falls flat. But if you can find comfort, and even better, joy in watching your hands move without your will being involved, then you’ll be a conduit for Reconnective Healing.

And perhaps you’ll use your gift to help others, in whatever way you’re inclined to do so. Remember, you can have fun with this and apply it to any situation, anywhere in the world, where you see a need for healing.
Maria Benning

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed., FPRH

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