The Potentials for 2008

Question: Sophia, can you provide information about what’s coming in 2008?

Sophia: Dearest, beloved children of Earth, know that what you are hearing from so many of us on this side of the veil is widely agreed upon. This year of 2007 has found you on the receiving end of a virtual bombardment of energies. It has not been easy, has it? Many of you are floundering—wondering, “Have I been forsaken?”

I say to you that the time of struggle, while it may not be completely lifted in 2008, will certainly be shifted in 2008. What I mean by this specifically is: Those of you who have feet firmly planted on the path—those of you who have welcomed your ascension status—will find that the synchronicities truly become your way of living. No longer content to experience them on occasion, you will find yourselves more regularly in the flow.

When you trust that you are being taken care of, that you are being provided for, that you are being guided, and that you are in fact not simply following, but are creating together with us, then you will find that the path is as if lit on a dark night by the beautiful luminarias. You know of which I speak, yes? This wondrous celebration in the Christmas time that is so beautiful to observe?

2008 signals a new beginning. The numerology shows it. (Note: 2 + 8 = 10; drop the 0 which leaves a 1). Do you know what it means for the New Year? For your mastery? For your life? Oh! The potentials are grand!

It is up to you to accept who you truly are, to understand, to know, to love who you truly are. Begin with intent—with full knowledge that you are the master that we know you to be. Can you accept this about yourself? There is a wise one (Dr. Eric Pearl) who has received the channeled information which says: You must know that you are a master.

This is not for a select few, you see. It is your birthright as a human being to recognize the God within, and the sooner you do this, the better for all concerned—yourself foremost. In order to create heaven on earth, you must first find the Garden of Eden within. It is there! It is simply clouded over by your rather clever, tricky mind, and by a heart that has shielded itself against the pain of suffering.

It is not necessary to be in pain, to suffer, to struggle. When you, in the 2008 year of new beginnings, go forward with lightness of being, when you refuse to give yourself over to the darker vibrations, to the lower vibrations, when you in fact lift your head up high and open your eyes to witness the Light all around, you will be more in the flow. You will experience the ease that is your due.

Let go every moment to the past—die to it, in fact. Do not look at your past and project it onto your future with a continued outlook for difficulty. Rather focus right here, right now and understand that all is well in this moment, for the now is where you live to your greatest potential. It is your higher self that understands this—that does so without any effort.When you are in effort in any way that is throwing you off guard, off your center, you can know that you are not living in the moment, that you are not in the present (the gift). You see, the key is here, in your mind.

So in 2008, take this opportunity to truly live in the now. The New Age is now the Now Age! It is far more sensible to refer to what is coming in 2008 as the Now Age, for with this new beginning comes the ability to transform your life right here and now, thereby affecting the lives of those around you. That change will filter on out, person to person, state to state, country to country. And imagine, as you are enjoying this newfound way of being, imagine that so are the rest of your brothers and sisters across the globe.

Can you find a moment in your day to extend your love and your healing to all who reside here on the planet with you (for you are truly all connected)? Everything that lives, everything that breathes, is a part of the other, and you are all of the Whole. You cannot, on Planet Earth, do anything totally in isolation. It is impossible not to impact what is around you. Think before you leap, think before you speak—think above all before you act.

Ask: Is what I am preparing to do in my highest good? Is it in the highest good of the planet? Then you can be at peace that it is the right thing to do and is in service to the Creator—to the Father Mother God.

Let 2008 ring in as a time of metamorphosis for you, for your family and friends, for your beloved Earth, for all of humanity. The potential is there in this new year and we, on this side of the veil, are prepared and excited to co-create a New World in a now energy. And hear that you are supported, loved above all, and that our gratitude to you lightworkers knows no bounds.

We honor you and we say: Happiest New Year to you…


Dear children.

And so it is.



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