Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy

Question: Please speak to this law: “In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations.”

Sophia: Even uttering those words must be, to Western ears especially, quite a stretch of the imagination. If you were to say three generations, could you even imagine that?

Seven generations—how far reaching was the mind of the Iroquois nation when they convened together and wrote this law! That is the consciousness with which America (as it is now called) was inhabited. From the time the English came and decided to claim this great land, however, this way of thinking has steadily disappeared.

Now this is not about going back in time and undoing what was done (although I will tell you that such things are possible!). What you would be wise to do now is to consult with those who remain from the native nations, who understand what it is to respect the earth. They know how to celebrate and give thanks for the bounties of their beloved planet, and they do not take them for granted.

Technology has brought much to you. It has created a way to reach out and to embrace each other, and it has also been used for destructive purposes. Simply begin in your own life by reviewing the decisions you are preparing to make which impact not just yourself, and think: What will be the consequences even 30 years down the road, much less seven generations?

If your great scientific minds are creating technology to harness energy for example, it is imperative that they think ahead: How will we replenish the resources we are using from our planet? They must be renewable in nature and before you begin, you must have that solution at hand. Do not enter into new technology which simply takes from the planet. This has created quite an imbalance already, so if you will begin simply with that in mind, you scientists who are so creative in your thinking of things to begin anew…

If you are using metals, how will you recycle them? If you are using plastics, what will be the outcome…how are plastics reused? How are they not simply ending up in your landfill? The end results must first be thought through before you begin.

Wise are the Iroquois. Encourage their education. Grant educational opportunities to those whose long history is ingrained with such consciousness of the earth. Learn from those who have this within their genetic structure. All across your planet there are native peoples who understand the ways of the earth; they are every bit as intelligent as you.

Feel the love with which this great Iroquois law was created. Imagine how much gratitude went into verbalizing and writing such a law. Great intelligence created this law. These words are Divine and they were created together with the Great Spirit. The seventh generation concept can be of enormous assistance to you as you begin any new endeavor that reaches anyone, that impacts anyone other than your self.

And so it is.



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