Helping Coworkers

Question: For those of us who need to stay in our current jobs, how do we participate in activities that will not only raise the collective human consciousness, but directly help those we encounter every day?

Sophia: What each individual can do, no matter the situation they find themselves in regarding the work they do, is to simply be the manifestation of balance. In simply being, rather than preaching to someone about “the way,” you personify the way.

That will then engender questions from those who admire the qualities they see in the ones who are calm, at ease, cheerful, loving, warm. These are the qualities that will draw others to you, wanting to know what it is you have done in order to find yourself in such a calm state amidst what often, in the workplace, appears to be chaos.

So as with most things, the answer begins here—within! Start by manifesting in yourself those things which clearly show that you are connected. This is an attractive quality that will bring curiosity to your door, and to the extent that you are willing, you may share these gifts with others.

When you come from a place of simply wanting to help, of wanting to pass on knowledge rather than to convert, then you are likely to be far more effective.

And this is a very wise question…




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