Meaning of Christmas

Sophia: This is the time where you consider the story of a man who came to help humanity spiritually advance. Jesus was, of course, just one of many ascended masters who have helped to catapult change on a massive scale, but at this time of year, He is the one many of you are rightfully reflecting upon.

The birth of a child is a time for celebration in the life of any parent. For those of us on this side of the veil (duality being only an illusion), we are the parents who rejoice as you enter into a new life. We know you do so willingly, with full knowledge of what challenges may come, in order to evolve your own soul and to affect the souls of your brothers and sisters across the globe. Yes, that’s the way it works: when you are born, it has an impact on the whole.

All the potentials are there at the beginning. It is through your free will that you decide where the path will lead, lifetime upon lifetime. The choices are yours. Even now, years after your birth, the choices and your path continue to be up to you. Rebirth is possible even yet. If you can leave go of the past, focus on what is here right now, and choose in the present moment that which will lead you into a more fulfilling future, any difficulty that came before will gradually fade away.

If you think of the challenges borne by Jesus and his parents, what they went through together as a family from the beginning to the end, it might leave you feeling more grateful for what you do have and enjoy. Can you find that gratitude within your heart? Can you give thanks to the Almighty for the mere fact that you ARE?

The Christ child was born homeless, but surrounded by love. There was commitment from the start that no matter the hardship, His life would be protected and His needs would be met, as much as that was possible by His parents. And as with the birth of any child, the angels were right there, singing a chorus of welcome.

Take this time to remember that you were once an innocent child…that your birth was heralded like any other and that the potentials were limitless. No matter what has unfolded over the course of your life, remember that Jesus sacrificed much on your behalf, and He can be called upon in your darkest times to help you remember the Light within…and to illuminate the way.

Merry Christmas, Children of Earth! May the New Year be the rebirth that allows you to fulfill your grandest desires, to offer the greatest assistance to your fellow human beings, and to steward the planet we know that you love.

And so it is…



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