Financial Struggle: Boring!

Question: Sophia, I’m struggling financially and so tired of it. How will I ever be free from this fear?

Sophia: When you truly know that God is your only Source. You think that all these outside factors have to do with your financial flow, but they don’t. When you are wonderfully aligned with the creative energy that is universally available, you can’t help but be in flow.

We hear your frustration with this response, and with great affection we say, still your mind for a moment. Think on those times when things have gone absolutely swimmingly, and to the way you felt. Call upon that emotional vibration and be that now. Your answers lie within, as always…never without. If you wish for peace, then be at peace. It’s all a choice.

You will not get there by ticking the things off your to do list. You absolutely will make headway when you realize that any state of separation from that which you say you desire, is a reflection of your separation from Source (with a capital “S”). Remember this. Remember who you are. If you’re in fear, panic, distress of any sort, you have forgotten. Be still, and know, Beloveds, that your freedom in all areas of your life lies within, where you and God are One.

And so it is…

©Maria K. Benning, M.Ed.

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