What is the Divine Feminine?

Question: I keep hearing about the “Divine Feminine” and that it is playing a more critical role today. Will you clarify just what this is referring to?

Sophia: It is about coming into balance…which is what effective healing results in (and you are always the healer). Because things on your beloved planet are skewed more heavily toward the masculine, there is destruction and war, famine, pestilence, and greed—disharmony on so many levels. But this isn’t necessarily about men versus women. There is within each individual both energetic aspects. A man will have feminine aspects along with his more obvious masculine energies; and a woman will have masculine aspects along with her more obvious feminine energies (broadly speaking).

When you look back on your Earth history, you can see plainly that things are and have been out of balance. To go too far in the other direction, towards the feminine, is not the answer either, for it would only create imbalance and disharmony of a different nature. Rather, within each individual lies the key. If you are in balance, in harmony—if your feminine energy is aligned with your masculine energy—the true yin/yang within the circle—if you are welcoming and fully living both aspects, then the imbalances will cease to dominate.

Divine Feminine is simply a way of expressing the female Godhead energy, in balance to the masculine qualities typically ascribed to God in many cultures (though you must know that God is without gender…God simply IS). You were made in the image of God, yet your western culture has historically been skewed toward a more masculine view of what and who God is. But arising among many of you who are questioning the status quo is an opening up to God in a different way…in a softer form, shall we say? It is simply that there is both a feminine and a masculine aspect to God, which is reflected in each of you regardless of the body you inhabit (your gender).

There are two halves of the brain, each with its own gifts, and using one side more predominantly than the other creates individual imbalance. The left brain logical learning side has long been more valued than the right brain intuitive side, and yet you have both and ought to be using both equally. Otherwise what you experience is separation from your Self, your Earth, each other, and from God.

We are not suggesting that you must worship differently, though there is nothing wrong with opening yourself up to traditions that equally value the feminine aspects of spirituality. This call is for each individual and within each individual. It’s not about looking outside yourself—it’s more about celebrating all there is to you.

If you were as open to receiving (which is different than taking) as you are to giving, if your focus were equally on the heart as it is on the mind, if prayer were to open up a softer side of you wherein you ask: How can I be of service, rather than asking only for what you want, then you might begin to notice some wonderful changes within yourself. Instead of doing, doing, doing (masculine aspect), there is joy to be created in simply being (feminine aspect). It’s about your own authenticity, you see.

So because you are Divine, because you are a reflection of God the Creator, God the Mother/Father, and because your world is yet out of proper alignment, there is a need to focus more on the feminine energies in order to bring your Self and your world back into balance. That is what your teachers are revealing when they discuss the awakening of the Divine Feminine.

One is not better than the other. Masculine/Feminine are both required and however you find that balance within yourself, that is where your focus should be. Only then will you see changes on a grander scale, as you are each a reflection of the Whole.

And so it is…



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