The Resurrection

Question: On this Easter Sunday, what is the significance of the Resurrection on our world today?

Sophia: There is deep symbolism here, applicable to each of you. Every moment, reminded by your celebration of this day, you can resurrect or ascend at a soul level. Who you are has little to nothing to do with the body you carry around with you.

What the Christ did for humanity should not be remembered on this day only. And there is no need for anyone to go to the extremes that he was asked to go to, in order to evolve your soul, to literally ascend to a higher vibration on a soul level, while still in your particular body. Such a great gift this was, that he paved the way for all to come. Can you imagine what he went through on your behalf? Such a selfless act of Divine Love, such a determined connection in trust did Jesus have to the Creator.

But the celebration of this day would be better served to focus not on the sacrifice so much as the message of renewal, though there are some who understand this deeply already. Do you?

A quantum leap was granted by Jesus doing what he did, and by those around him who supported his decisions, even knowing the terrible suffering he would bear—suffering they willingly participated in. The beauty of what the Christ brought to humanity is that he loved so deeply, so purely, so unhesitatingly that when the Father shared with him what the result of his sacrifice would be, he took his fears in his arms and went forth with the courage of a lion!

What we are asking of you, daughters and sons, is not nearly so demanding, yet you hesitate to open your hearts and quiet your minds so that you can hear the voice of God within. Constantly looking to the outside for manifestation that God exists, you miss what is as obvious as the nose on your face!

Still yourself…ask that God touch your heart and then trust that it is precisely there that the response will arrive.

Resurrection is defined in your dictionaries as: a rising above mortality through the understanding of spiritual life as demonstrated by Jesus Christ; the state of one who has returned to life.

Let this day be a rebirth for you. Honor Christ in the only way that truly merits the sacrifice he gave to you by living a spiritual life that is the highest manifestation of that which is true for YOU.

The guidance you seek for your life’s path is laid before you moment to moment, when you are in harmony with the Creative Universe that is Source energy. In the dance of life, connected from within to the Father/Mother/God, you fulfill the greatest manifestation possible for your life and thereby raise the consciousness of the planet and the state of your fellow human beings around the world and, dare to believe, on out to the universes.

Honor HIM in this way…and so it is.



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